Commercial Carpet Cleaning Methods


There are various commercial carpet cleaning methods that commercial businesses employ in cleaning their clients’ carpets. These include, but are not limited to, spin bonnet cleaning, dry cleaning, hot water extraction and encapsulation. The use of any of the above methods depends on the dirt type, urgency of cleaning, available funds and carpet type among other factors.

Hot water cleaning

This method is also called steaming. It entails the use of high pressure, hot water jets directed at the carpet. Dirt and other particles are removed from the carpet by the pressure of the water hitting the carpet, as well as the high temperatures that melt greasy particles stuck on the carpet. This method may incorporate the use of cleaning detergents. Dubbed one of the most effective, yet less messy, carpet cleaning method, this method’s major downside is that it requires significant time to dry the carpet completely.

Dry cleaning

This method makes use of highly vaporizable liquids, solutions and or powder/ solid cleaning agents. These cleaning agents should be applied evenly on a dirty carpet, from where they attract dirt, and the carpet should be brushed, vacuumed or shaken to remove the already loosened dirt. It is one of the fastest cleaning methods, with the instant drying enabling the use of the carpet soon after its cleaning.


This method resembles the dry cleaning method. Cleaning agents are poured over the dirty carpets and once the dirt crystallizes on the cleaning agent, it (dirt) is brushed or vacuumed off the carpet. The danger with this method is that the overuse of some of the cleaning agents, especially when not sufficiently removed, can destroy the carpet fibres.

Spin bonnet cleaning

This method uses an equipment that spills a cleaning agent over the carpet while a rotating scrubbing brush, on the same equipment, scrubs off that cleaning agent and dissolved dirt. Caution should be observed to regulate the amount of cleaning detergent applied on the carpet and the intensity of the scrubbing to avoid destroying the carpet’s fibres. This method is not exhaustive on its own; other cleaning methods, such as vacuuming, might be required to get rid of stuck dirt.

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