Eight Ways to Germ Proof Your Office

Germ proof solutions need to be instilled for every workplace. Doing otherwise may lead to limited work productivity as employees are too sick to continue with their daily functions. To avoid such problems, consider implementing the following suggestions:

1. Hire a reasonably priced janitorial service to disinfect the areas commonly affected by human traffic. In addition to killing regular germs, there should be concern over H1N1 and other strains of influenza. The AF-315 brand associated with Betco offers the best germ proof protection. With this chemical, any surface touched will get deodorized, cleansed and freed of filmy residue.

2. Put into place a policy for sick employees. Should an employee not be healthy enough to attend work, he or she should stay at home. The reason why is because disinfectants can only do so much. While these agents are very effective at killing germs, they cannot purify the surrounding air. Disinfectants also lack the ability to destroy germs initiated by interpersonal contact

3. Remind workers of the importance of hand washing. Make sure the restrooms in your establishment are stocked with antibacterial soap. Employees should get into the habit of washing after restroom use and before getting ready to eat. In between time, hand sanitizer should be used, as it offers one of the best germ proof solution imaginable.

4. Employees need to be taught how to properly cough and sneeze. It is not mannerly to cough or sneeze into your bare hands. Tissues should be used. However, should there be no other choice, it is also acceptable for an employee to sneeze into his or her shoulder, provided no one else is around.

5. Every area should be hygienic. To truly become germ proof, you have to develop the right mindset. Your employees should follow. Show them how you clean your office. Within time, they will want to emulate your behavior. This includes washing down their keyboards, mice and office chairs at the end of the day. There should also be a trash can at every station.

6. Workers should avoid interacting with their face. You can never be germ proof touching the more sensitive parts of your face too much. The areas of concern ranges from your nose to your mouth.

7. Be cautious of sharing personal items. The best germ proof environment is achieved when every worker decides to bring their own dishes and silverware for eating. Disposable works best, especially when you provide such items in the office kitchen. You should still keep dish washing detergent on hand in the event an employee prefers to pack their lunch in Tupperware.

8. Think proactively. Do not hang around someone appearing to possess weaker health. Even family members should keep their distance when you are relaxing at home. At the workplace, get your employees in the habit of taking supplements. Vitamin C works really well, along with echinacea. Do not be afraid to have these pills on hand, along with some of the health drinks that are also associated with power nourishment.

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