Floor Care Services

Floor CleaningWe at Austin TX Janitorial Services offers many different types of floor care to both our janitorial clients and to the general public in Austin and surrounding areas.  It doesn’t matter if you have marble, granite, concrete, brick, hardwood, or vinyl compressed tile, we keep our cleaning staff trained in all floor types,  and we follow all manufacturer cleaning recommendations in order to keep your floors looking their best.

Floor Resurfacing

Floor resurfacing is a huge field that demands a special amount of time and consideration for each job.   We provide the following floor resurfacing methods.

  • Epoxy
  • Staining and sealing concrete and other hard surface floors
  • Diamond shine

Sealed Floor Maintenance

If your sealed floor’s finish has become dull, eaten away, or has become less slip and fall resistant, we can help you.  We use only the finest quality sealers and the highest quality equipment to build a long lasting shine that will enhance the look of your building.  We offer:

  • First time sealing  for brand new floors
  • Wash and re-seal
  • Buffing to reveal a new shine
  • Complete stripping and re-sealing

Keeping your newly sealed floor beautiful has a lot to do with the quality of the sealant applier but proper care and maintenance also plays a huge role.  Our cleaning crews have been equipped with the correct products and the know-how to keep those newly sealed floors looking good for a long time.

We make sure to check the quality of the work that our staff provides. We do both day and night inspections to see the results from different perspectives. We want to see what your customers / visitors will see when they enter your building. It’s hugely important for us to make sure we do the best possible work and keep you, the customer happy.

When you call us, you can know with certainty that Austin TX Janitorial Services will give your floor the attention to detail that it needs in order to look its absolute best!  Call us today for a free quote 512-535-8362.