Janitorial Services Round Rock TX

Janitorial Services Round Rock

We are Your Commercial, Office and Building Cleaning Company for Schools, Businesses and Churches in Texas

When it comes to Round Rock Janitorial Services, we understand the difficulties when it comes to searching for the right janitorial services. There are instances when you will make several phone calls to get the job done correctly. It can also be frustrating when the cleaning staff has the habit of arriving late. Other janitorial services do not provide cleaning supplies so the burden is on you to always keep the supplies fully stocked. It feels as if you are just wasting your money, effort and time, and you don’t get the type of service you deserve.

We deliver hassle free and smooth service. You can focus on running your business and you can leave all the cleaning tasks to us.

You can call us for a free quote or check our website. You will also get a free monthly acid treatment as part of our service.

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How We Make Commercial Cleaning Easier for You

We will not require you to sign any contracts unless your business requires one. It is our duty to earn your trust so you can continue choosing our services every month. We put the pressure to provide an excellent cleaning service on our shoulders and eliminate the risk our potential clients are exposed to.

If you see that we do not meet the cleaning standards that you require, you can cancel at any time. Our company offers 100% satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to refund up to 7 days of work completed in a 30-day period.

Our staff supervisors undergo rigorous training processes that last for several weeks. They also have to pass a 100-point inspection before they can be deployed for work.

Our building cleaning professionals have gone through:
• Thorough background check
• Drug testing
• E-verification which checks if they are legal to work in the US
• 2 weeks of training

Every cleaning staff started their career from smaller jobs until they develop their skills and handle better jobs that are more challenging. Our staff has a high sense of accountability to their superiors and for the quality of their work.

We will provide you with your own service manager whose main task is to address all your concerns and make sure you are fully satisfied with the cleaning service.

We are not just your ordinary janitorial service company. We provide commitment, dedication and professionalism in our approach to janitorial cleaning.

With a Round Rock janitorial service like ours you won’t have to supervise our janitors, keep your cleaning supplies or wonder whether the building is perfectly cleaned out. Your Service Manager will handle all these tasks for you so you can concentrate on your work.

With our high quality cleaning procedures, we will ensure that your floors will gleam and shimmer and every room and hallways will smell fresh and clean. Your guests and visitors will definitely appreciate a much cleaner environment and they will more likely do business with you.

It’s time to get your FREE quote, Restroom Acid Treatment and Carpet Cleaning from our janitorial service in Round Rock today! Did we mention that you could get all of these services for FREE? Yes, we are giving you the Restroom Acid Treatment service for FREE on a monthly basis. You can also get a one-time Carpet Cleaning for FREE. We will tell you the type of janitorial services your establishment or building needs and give you an estimate for FREE! Take advantage of this amazing offer from Austin TX Janitorial Services.

Contact us for a free quote at 512-535-8362

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