Maintenance Tips for Building Owners

Many property owners take pride in maintaining the buildings that they own. However, there are some property owners who did not realize the value of maintaining their properties, and as a result, minor problems that could have been taken care of right away, turned into big and expensive problems. If you are a property owner, then you should consider hiring a janitorial company, as they can do many things to keep most buildings up and running. Here are some reasons why you should hire such a company, as well as some maintenance tips that can help you.

Leave Water Running At Night During Winter
One of the most important maintenance tips to keep in mind is that you should keep water running at night during the winter months. This is because the cold weather can cause a lot of damage to the plumbing system. During the evening hours is when it is usually the coldest during winter, and this can cause the pipes to freeze, as the temps tend to be very low. Also, you do not need to open your taps that much, as the tiniest stream will be good enough. Turn your faucets’ taps on just a little bit, and you might want to open the cabinets that are underneath the sinks, as this can also be a good preventative measure.

Purge Water Heaters
You should consider purging water heaters, as this can help you avoid unexpected maintenance issues that could end up costing you a lot of money. If you do not flush out your heater tanks on a regular basis, then eventually a lot of sludge and mineral content will build up in it. This can result in issues such as clogging filters and reduce the flow of water. The service life of your water heater will also be shortened due to the sludge build-up.

Take Care Of Water Drips
Many building owners don’t really care about drips because they don’t seem like a big problem. However, these drips should be taken care of as soon as possible and not just put in the back of your mind. This seemingly small problem can lead to huge problems that can be very costly. Over a period of time, water drips can cause tiles to fall, floors to rot and your tenants may even end up going right through the floor, if they are unaware of how much the floor has gone to rot due to the consistent drips of water hitting it. As soon as you notice a drip, have it taken care of right away because you could end up saving yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Replace Incandescent Bulbs
Get rid of any outmoded incandescent bulbs and replace them with LED or even CFL units. This may cost you quite a bit of money, but over time you will save money your utilities. Worn-out bulbs can run up a high utility bulb over the course of a year and a lifetime, therefore it is in your best interest to replace them with LED bulbs, or CFL bulbs.

Fix That Broken Window And Clean Up The Exterior
Most building owners don’t like to fix just one broken window, but that one broken window or really bad window, can make the entire building look like it is in poor shape. Also, if your building’s exterior is in bad shape, such as having graffiti on it or spray paint, then just hire someone to make it look new again. If your building’s exterior is in excellent condition, the the chances are you will be able to charge more rent.

The smallest action can make the biggest difference, and this is why you should hire a janitorial company to help you with maintenance that your building needs on a regular basis.

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