Restroom Acid Washing

Office SinkRestroom acid washing is a service that Austin TX Janitorial Services provides so you can keep your restrooms (both public and private) looking their absolute best and most sanitary. The acid washing process works to remove hard water deposits from within. They are then easily removed from the rim of toilets and urinals. We have used this process for water fountains and sinks with success too. Bathroom acid washing will certainly help the look and feel of your restrooms and give your building a more professional feel.


Hard water deposits are among the hardest things to clean to the inexperienced cleaner. We frequently get contacted by building owners and staff if they’ll have to replace their toilets and urinals with new ones… rest assured, you won’t. We can help take care of those frustrating hard water deposits. Let Austin TX Janitorial Services clean up your toilets with acid washing.


Hard water deposits are created from minerals found within water.  When a toilet is flushed or a counter-top gets wet it leaves a light film of minerals which leads to a hard water deposit. Dirt gets attached to the film of minerals and then gets sealed in with the next flush of water, which creates another layer of film.  This process repeats and it can’t be easily cleaned with ordinary toilet bowl cleaners. Our periodic restroom acid washing service is incredibly important to the cleanliness of our clients restrooms.


Our bathroom cleaning service is provided for free and is included in our regular janitorial services in the Austin metro area. To get a free estimate for restroom acid washing services or janitorial services in Austin, TX call 512-535-8362 today.