Using Microfiber To Clean

New innovations and betters ways of cleaning have caused an increase in productivity that is continuously being introduced into the cleaning industry. Along with those benefits it also keeps the cleaning costs low.

Microfiber is a very innovative option currently gaining in popularity among businesses and facilities. The microfiber cleaning systems were first accepted widely within the healthcare industry. They like the effectiveness and efficiency.

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A Smart But Simple System:

A complete microfiber cleaning solution is able to clean with much more efficiency than the older traditional products and tools. Many floor cleaning products contain harsh chemicals which can harm not only floors, but the environment as well.

With a microfiber solution, less chemicals and less water are needed for cleaning, so the impact on the floors and the environment is reduced. That means the frequency of refinishing the floors is reduced, which means better floor preservation, and also saves on labor and other costs.

Some color-coded materials and items can be used when using a microfiber system. This is yet another great promotional point for effective microfiber system use. Some of the most common microfiber color-coded cloths are –

1. Red or Green general purpose cloths.
2. Blue cloths for use on glass and other reflective surfaces.
3. Yellow cloths use for bathrooms.

Microfiber hardware and chemical dispensing systems also contribute to an increase in worker efficiency, as well as in their overall well-being.

Disposable cleaning cloths and microfiber mop pads can keep the risk of infection to a minimum. They are excellent to have in areas where no laundry facilities exist.

Providing Safety & Cost Savings:

Direct labor costs can account for more than 60% of the overall costs of contract cleaning. That means any product that is able to increase worker productivity while saving on the bottom line, is something well worth using. A microfiber towel is that product. This is according to Alison Kapp, the Rubbermaid Commercial Products Marketing Manager.

Cleaning staffs really appreciate microfiber solutions. Using these types of innovative tools will lighten their loads and reduce the heavy lifting. Using a microfiber mop cloth is time saving, and reduces the number of times the staff will have to refill the cleaning chemicals they use.

Because of how quickly microfiber materials can absorb and then release their liquid content, the staff can utilize them for fast mop-ups that can lower the labor time involved. The quicker drying time for the surfaces also reduces the chances of someone slipping or falling.

Using a system that’s easier to maneuver provides cost savings because of less risk to workers. In the cleaning industry, time is money, and efficiency rules. Easy maneuverability means less risk of back injury, which is the most common work-related injury on average across the country. The average workers compensation claim is right around $24,000 per claim.

Ergonomically designed ‘arched’ handles also need to be incorporated into the process. This will keep the wrist bones and forearms of the users aligned properly for optimal leverage and maneuverability. This type of design means less cost, safer operation, and less injuries.

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